Shirley A. Chisholm Memorial Scholarship

Established through the generosity of Keith D. Amparado ‘88, the Shirley A. Chisholm Memorial Scholarship is available to under-represented undergraduate or graduate female students residing in any region, with a preference for African American students. Chisholm Scholarship recipients must be pursuing studies that are complementary with programming offered at the Chisholm Center for Equity Studies, which examines and uncovers the roots, workings, and impacts of structural racism and systemic inequities in our communities today. Recipients must intend to pursue a career in Law, Public Affairs, Government, Public Service, or other areas that align with Shirley Chisholm’s legacy; have a strong belief in Shirley Chisholm’s vision; understand what she was trying to accomplish; and see this vision for themselves. Eligible students must meet the Empire State College Foundation’s scholarship eligibility criteria.

Keith Amparado '88