Dr. Patricia Brozinsky

Dr. Patricia Brozinsky

The Drs. James Gibson and Patricia Brozinsky Endowed Graduate Scholarship

“And remember, the truth that once was spoken, to love another person is to see the face of God.”

~ Les Miserables

The Drs. James Aloysius Gibson and Patricia Brozinsky Endowed Scholarship was created to honor and memorialize the loving relationship between Dr. James Aloysius Gibson and Dr. Patricia Brozinsky. Jim worked as both a private practice psychotherapist and as a professor in the master’s program at SUNY Stony Brook teaching Human Behavior and Social Environment.

Jim celebrated people. Helping people, listening to them, making them laugh and empowering them with their own personal strength was among his great joys. Jim simply loved people. He took a sincere interest in everyone with whom he interacted and had a way of making those in his company immediately at ease. It did not matter whether he was old friends with them, or had only just met them. He had the ability to inspire and bring out others’ “real” self, and always with a playful charisma that assured those around him that he was sincere. Jim believed that all people are precious. He provided help to all, and joy and loving laughter followed him.

Jim’s abounding spirit rose above great sadness and personal pain from early loss. He never stopped celebrating life and encouraged and inspired others to do the same. Through their deeply loving relationship, Jim enlightened Pat to a richness of life which included compassion, mercy, generosity, playfulness, intelligence, wit, charity and humor. It is through this scholarship that Pat wishes to honor and memorialize Jim and continue his glorious legacy of good spirit and concern for others. To that end, this scholarship will support students who aspire to influence their communities through positive, thoughtful, caring and focused human connections.

The Drs. James Aloysius Gibson and Patricia Brozinsky Endowed Scholarship will be awarded annually to graduate students enrolled in the Social Policy program who demonstrate academic excellence and have financial need. Preference will be given to students currently working in, or aspiring to establish a career in higher education.