Friends, Family, Colleagues and Former Students of Jane Shipton

Friends, Family, Colleagues and Former Students of Jane Shipton

Jane Shipton Scholarship

With gratitude to Ingrid McCauley, a dear friend of Jane Shipton.

The Jane Shipton Endowed Memorial Scholarship was created to honor the life and work of Jane Shipton, a beloved mentor and esteemed faculty member at the Long Island Center of Empire State College and one of the earliest members of the college’s faculty.

During Jane’s tenure as a faculty mentor at the Long Island Center, she advised many students in the areas of human services, adult development, counseling and psychology. Her skill in assisting students in educational planning led her to write the first Empire State College planning guide for degree programs and portfolio development. In 1995, Jane and two colleagues published a text book for college entry courses. Jane inspired her colleagues and students with her knowledge of the academic world, her interpersonal skills, her good judgment, and her experience with team building and collaboration.

After Jane’s death in 1998, a small group of her closest friends, family, colleagues and former students established this scholarship to keep Jane’s memory alive and to support students studying in the area of human services or closely related fields. The late Betsy Steltenpohl, retired mentor and friend, coordinated the group of contributors whose generosity made the scholarship’s goal of $100,000 become a reality in 2008.

Endowing the scholarship at this level allows Empire State College to award scholarships to multiple students each year. Students are selected on the basis of academic promise and demonstrated success, community and school involvement, and financial need. Moreover, students who receive this scholarship are selected because they reflect the ideals and commitment to others that Jane herself exhibited.