Carol Burdick and Frank Trice Book Scholarship

For undergraduate students residing in Allegany, Livingston or Steuben counties only.

The Carol Burdick and Frank Trice Book Scholarship was created by the Alfred Unit of Empire State College to help students with limited funds purchase textbooks. Carol Burdick, known to most as “CB”, was a tutor for Empire State College’s Alfred Unit from the early 1970’s until 2008. Frank Trice was a mentor in Alfred for over 30 years. Both CB and Frank tutored hundreds of Empire State College students during their tenures. They each took a personal interest in their students and were willing to loan textbooks to those who needed them. This scholarship was created to honor their memories. Students who are reside in Alfred or the surrounding counties are eligible for a scholarship to be used to purchase textbooks.

Friends of Carol Burdick and Frank Trice